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The Louvre Paris Tickets

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The Louvre Paris Tickets
Travel expenses in the Paris metropolitan area ..

I need to know how much of a Paris metro ticket for travel from 10 to 20 km .. (As an example of the Louvre in the defense .. … District 16 of the Sacred Heart and the Galeries Lafayette! Thanks!

Paris is not as big as you think. It is 6 km long and most are very passable. For example, you can walk the northeastern part of District 16 at the Galeries Lafayette and is just 1.2 km from Galeries Lafayette and Sacred Heart. Defense (outside Paris, in the western suburbs) is 5 km from the Louvre. But transport is not measured by distance but by zones. All Paris is in Zone 1. The suburbs are the Area 2 (near Paris) for Zone 6 (near Paris). Cover all metro tickets subway station, regardless of the area and all RER stops Zones 1 and 2. You will find all the answers to your questions from the tourist office: http://en.parisinfo.com/paris-map/getting-around/public-transport/guide/public-transport The only thing that has not updated the price has changed on 1 July for a subway ticket is now € 1.50. It is valid for all travel, regardless of the number of transfers, if not leave the metro station. A book of 10 is cheaper. This website also public transport authority: There are also weekly passes http://www.ratp.info/touristes/index.php?langue=en, but may not need them, read about them and decide if that's what you need or not.

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