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Louvre Paris Da Vinci Code

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Louvre Paris Da Vinci Code
Has anybody gone to the Louvre in Paris yet? Is the floor created in 3D?

Because in the novel THE DA VINCI CODE by Dan Brown there’s one part where the floor of the Louvre is described as an 3D image and I’m trying to find some pictures of the floor on Google.

Could anybody tell me what’s so special about the floor?

Thanks =)

Has anyone gone to the Louvre? Only about 8 million people each year. :)

Here’s a picture of the part of the floor that is described in the novel:


It’s in the “Grande Galerie” hall that features mostly Italian painting. As you can see it’s just a wooden floor. There’s a zigzag pattern to the slats that’s a little fancier than most wooden floors. I guess if you squint just right it might look 3D, but it’s really not all that special.

The Da Vinci Code Game OST – Louvre

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