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Maritime Museum San Diego

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Maritime Museum San Diego
How much did the “Rose” or “HMS Surprise” from Master and Commander sell for?

I have seen that it was purchased from 20th century Fox after the filming of the movie.
Does anyone know for how much money she was sold for? Either TO 20th C.F. as the HMS Rose.. or FROM 20th C.F. TO The Maritime Museum of San Diego after the extensive renovation into the Surprise? What does a ship like that sell for in sailing condition? Millions?
Does anyone know the figures on that particular ship? I cannot find the amounts, only the “Froms” and “tos” with dates, but with no amounts in USD.
Please advise.
Thank you,


You are right, I paid millions. I am sorry I can´t tell you here, you see, English Navy likes to keep these kind of things discrete.
Next, I am biding for a flying submarine. I will let you know about the results.
Best regards, good winds.

HMS Surprise Sails the Pacific – Maritime Museum San Diego Celebrates Nov 2008