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Museum Of Natural Science In Houston Texas

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Museum Of Natural Science In Houston Texas
Do you believe human kind came about in Ethiopia?

Lucy’s ancient bones to tour US
The skeleton of the fossilised, 3.2 million-year-old human ancestor known as Lucy, will go on display in the US, Ethiopian officials say.
After four years of negotiations with the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Texas, Ethiopia agreed to lend the bones for scientific study until 2013. It is hoped Lucy’s 11-leg tour will boost tourism and increase Ethiopia’s profile as the “home of all humanity”. She will leave her country of origin – and the origin of mankind – in June. As well as Lucy, the travelling exhibition will also include about 190 other Ethiopian artefacts including humankind’s earliest stone tools. Officials say money from the tour will be used to improve museums across the country.

Until someone proves the contrary, Yes. Cool………..

Get Ready to see the Corpse Flower “Stinky Lois” at the Museum of Natural Science in Houston Texas!!