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Boston Museum Of Bad Art

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Boston Museum Of Bad Art
Does GPA matter that much?

I have a 3.5 GPA, and I’m applying to Boston College, Willamette University, Tufts University, and Roger Williams U.

My GPA is lower, because I took 9 AP and 5 Honors courses, but got mostly B+s in them, so my GPA was lowered.

I thought that taking Honors and AP courses and tests was better than GPA status, but that doesn’t seem to be the truth to a lot of colleges.

Would it be better to have a high GPA and no Honors or AP classes?

If it helps, my other accomplishments/stats:
SAT: 1900
Clubs: Green Club, Model UN, MTAD (Montana Teens Against Drugs)
Captain of cross-country team at school
Lettered 5 times for swimming and cross-country
I work 2 jobs
Have volunteered hundreds of hours at local art museum teaching classes and at local pool teaching swim lessons.

Is my GPA really that bad?

As a current Tufts student, I can tell you that you stand a decent chance. The admissions office looks closely at the whole candidate. Your scores aren’t excellent, but they’re within the right range. Also, all college admissions officers understand that APs and more challenging classes are less likely to lead to As, even with high quality work, because the material and the assignments are more challenging.

Museum of Bad Art

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