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Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum

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Smithsonian National Air And Space Museum
Price of Touring in Washington?

Philadelphia (Independence Hall, Liberty Bell),

Baltimore (Inner Harbor, Cruise),

Washington D.C. (White House, US Capitol, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Lincoln & Jefferson Memorials, Vietnam & Korean War Memorials).

Well i wanted to know if the memorials were free. and wanted to know which ones cost $$$

Spy museum costs money, all the other ones are free, the zoo is free too, if you ride metro you have to pay for it, usually varies depending on time of day and where your heading to. The rush hour(or kill me please) fee is between 3-7pm on metro trains. If its before 3 or after 7 its usually considerably less expensive. White house doesnt really do tours anymore, Im not sure about the capitol building, but the Natural History Museum is by far one of my favorites, the Air and Space museum is pretty cool, all Memorials are outside and free

also a word of advice, dont take the double busses around for a “tour” walk on foot between the museums and check out the national art gallery(its near the natural history museum) theres also a very interesting museum of American History, its all free. Only thing is food at the museums is very expensive so bring your own lunch most of the museums are within walking distance of eachother. The beauty is its all free

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