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Louvre Pyramid Detail

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Louvre Pyramid Detail
architectural concept of pyramid in louvre?

i just wonder what exatly I.M.Pei intended to show us in Louvre pyramid. i just read his dialogue talking about louvre pyramid design with some critics, but he says he researched about the history of france and he really impressed by the magnificence of history, then he created that pyramid.

i mean, i am interested more detail in the concept of the pyramid from more architectural and design aspect.

I know there are many similar question to this, but none of them seems exactly answer to this.

aparting from those da vinch code myth
what’s the intention of that design and concept.
is there any site specific or contextual meaning on that design?
I don’t think he just put pyramid cuz he just liked it or
since he is very famous architect, there might be more deep concept in it.

i read some article referring relationship bet. France and Egypt in the past,

someone who are good at architectural design history staff, please answer! thank( sorry my english suck.lol)

Buckminster Fuller had certain periods and styles which he followed almost consistently. With I.M Pei his designs are so varied, one would think that every design is unique and stands by itself. Perhaps at the time he was taken with the ancient pyramids. Certainly, “light” had something to do with it.

the louvre pyramid

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