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Louvre Museum Must See

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Louvre Museum Must See
Which pieces of art are must sees at the Louvre?

i know that the museum is huge and it will probably take some time just to get inside the museum during the summer so i would like to figure out what to see before i get there except i dont know what is really there. what do people come to see? what are some recommendations besides the mona lisa of course. i only have a day to visit it.

1. Mona Lisa
2. The Virgin and Child with St Anne
3. Raft of the Medusa
4. Nike of Samothrace (“winged victory”)
5. Oath of the Horatii
6. Portrait of Madame Récamier
7. La maja desnuda
8. The Aphrodite of Milos
9. The Death of Socrates
10. The Death of Marat
11. The Coronation of Napoleon in Notre Dame
12. Baldassare Castiglione (Raphael)
13. The Death of the Virgin (Caravaggio)
14. Pierrot (Jean-Antoine Watteau)
15. The Wedding at Cana

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